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[ Training ] 

In addition to our own developed in-house trainings in area of project and compliance management, QCPT works with a handful selected training partners for providing as well official and licensed training in area of Scrum, SAFe and ITIL.

Training Courses


  • CSV and GxP awareness training, Agile Validation, good documentation practices, software validation according to GAMP5, software validation
  • Project Management
  • SAFe Scaled Agile Framework trainings
  • Scrum Master and Product Owner trainings
  • ITIL trainings

    Current training partners: Flowsphere and Valueinsights

    Please contact us, we are happy to help you finding the right trainings.

Coaching and Mentoring

We provide coaching and mentoring as an efficient instrument to improve skills and learning of individuals and teams in various situations:

  • Need to acquire new skills on the job (e.g. coach a business analyst to acquire and apply compliance expertise)
  • Support of professionals in new positions (e.g. coach in area of team management, leadership)
  • Help to turn learned theory into real life (e.g. guide a Junior PM through a first project, support a professional PM to leverage his skills to manage more complex projects or difficult situations)
  • Support managers in changing culture (e.g. change the behaviors of teams to change the way of working to a specified objective such as become more efficient or more customer oriented)
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